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Snorkeling around where you stay will make you feel more close to our neighborhood. Such as snorkeling along the colorful coral which is like an unbelievable view to you. We will guide you the most colorful place of the reefs and the sea around. To make you believe yourself that it’s true.

Sandbank Excursion


Furafathi or commonly knows Sexy Beach is a deserted sandbank near Maafushi Island.  If you ever wish you were alone in the world with your loved one, this a unique, dream come true experience. With nothing but a few birds in sight, you are left on your own to enjoy the crystal clear waster around the sandbank.

Night Fishing

Night fishing in Maldives is the most famous type of fishing. You can catch snappers, emperors, barracuda, squirrel fish and jacks during night fishing. Midst the sparkling breathtaking view, night fishing is a treat for fishing buffs. During night fishing enjoy the rhythmic music of waves and gentle breeze midst nature’s splendor. After fishing you get to have a BBQ with your very own catch.

Dolphin Cruise

Manta Cruise

Resort Excursions

Water Sports